“Our platform is our product. Our users are not our product.”

Josh, TinyVoicemail Founder

All too often, something comes out that seems too good to be true. Look at this, it's /free/cheap/inexpensive/ and provides so much value!

The catch? Your data, your habits, every keystroke or button press is logged, analyzed, and stored for identifying your likes, dislikes, where you are, what you're doing, or what you're going to do.

We're not, and we won't be one of those companies or one of those products. Because we don't like that happening to us.

When using TinyVoicemail, we receive voicemails on your behalf. Voicemails are not meant to be public. They are meant for one party: you. Simply put: We do not read them or care to read them.

We charge a humble monthly fee to keep the lights on and keep us motivated. We do not retransmit or disseminate your messages, and your messages are never read or shared with other parties.

We take your privacy seriously. We take your trust seriously. And we will not betray your trust.