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  • require 'httparty'
    class TinyVoicemailParty
      include HTTParty
      headers { 'API-Key' => "myspace-is-great" }
      base_uri "https://my.tinyvoicemail.com/api/v1"
    request = TinyVoicemailParty.get("/messages")

    A RESTful API for your voicemail

    Use a RESTful API to access your current phone number's voicemail and manage your messages with any HTTP client.

  • {
        "read_at": "2018-09-15T19:35:48.409Z",
        "contact_phone_number_id": 12,
        "url": "http://my.tinyvoicemail.com/api/v1/messages/1/download",
        "transcription": "Hey, sign up already.",
        "notes": "Why haven't I signed up?",
        "id": 1,
        "contact": {
            "phone_number": "+15555555555",
            "first_name": null,
            "last_name": null,
            "name": "<No name>",
            "id": 37,
            "blocked": false
        "received_at": "2018-09-08T21:48:43.907Z",
        "starred": false,
        "duration_in_seconds": 4

    A full-featured voicemail interface in JSON

    Manage your voicemail with the familiarity and portability of JSON.

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    Check out the docs

    Our simple and effective API for voicemail will make integration with your application a breeze.

    Voicemail API documentation ›
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