Free Visual Voicemail Apps

They invade your privacy. We value your privacy.
Free visual voicemail apps

To put it simply: TinyVoicemail won't compete with free products. We believe in building a sustainable business, not a business based on invading your privacy. Below is an example of how one of our competitors makes money on their free visual voicemail app.

Free visual voicemail apps make money by logging every phone number you call, and every call you receive. They know who these callers are and build a profile around your information in which they sell to advertisers. Example: If debt collectors are calling you, you'll be more appealing to credit consolidation services than a person who isn't being called by debt collectors.

They also make money by listening to your voicemails. The same logic applies: If the transcriptions are coming in that say you owe money you're more appealing to that credit consolidation advertisor than someone whose voicemails repeatedly say "thanks for your payment".

There are dozens of other ways they profile you based on your data, but they all come down to invading your privacy. They repeatedly look over your shoulder. In their terms of service, they're vague in what they collect and what they do with it. Their opt-out isn't really an opt-out, either.

And they do this because being a free product is more lucrative than having an actual business model. Where's the pride in that?

TinyVoicemail won't cut these corners in order to make a dollar. We believe in what we create and the value it provides, and we charge a modest monthly fee to do that.

TinyVoicemail is committed to your privacy and being transparent. We track what we need to track for analytics and user-behavior, and that data stays with us.